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Focussing on your Authentic Self in Digital Marketing

How often have you felt overwhelmed from the volume of technology that proposes to transform the effectiveness of our digital marketing?

Experts impart their words of wisdom to show you the way to success just seem to make you feel even more inadequate.

Doubt and self-consciousness can creep in and undermine your efforts. you lose focus trying to keep up with everyone else. Imposter syndrome consumes you with doubt. You end up not achieving anything. Your initial vision starts to fade.

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Content Marketing Series: Change

changeFollowing on from our blog post about content curation, this post focuses on change and how it affects your content marketing strategy.

With the ever-evolving online world at your fingertips, we see new platforms and methods appearing daily.

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Content Marketing Series: Context

contextStakeholders are on board with your campaigns.

Internal teams are aligned.

But did you take in to account the context of your content marketing efforts and where your content will be seeded?

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Content Marketing Series: Collaboration

collaborationOne of the main challenges highlighted from our Roundtable Sessions at the Content Marketing Masterclass this week was ‘Collaboration’.

Collaboration, as a term, can apply to a few areas of your organisation and/or processes.

Whilst there are a range of ways collaboration is integral to the smooth flow of productive outcomes (be it through external teams or internally), we discovered that collaboration between teams within organisations was of particular concern.

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Content Marketing Series: Curation

curationBut curating content doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to produce new content each time.

You can curate content in a range of simple ways, which will, in turn, make your content marketing plans more productive.

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Content Marketing Series: Capture

captureSometimes it can feel like a ‘chicken and egg’ situation when it comes to publishing your content and analysing the data.

Without the content you don’t have the data to analyse.

Without the data, you will struggle to determine the context and know what content to move forward with.

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TMC Award Winning Agency

We’re only halfway through the year and TMC have scored a hat-trick of results to date!

In June we attended the Drum Recommended Digital Agency Awards 2018.

Having been shortlisted for nine categories, we took away two awards on the evening for Client Services and Strategic Thinking.

This is the third set of awards TMC have won in the first half of 2018.

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TMC Strategic Communications WIN at the RAR Awards 2018!

As mentioned in our previous post about the RAR Awards 2018, we were finalists in a fantastic 17 categories!


The black-tie ceremony took place in London on the 26th April 2018 at the Marriott, Grosvenor Square.

RAR Awards winners are chosen using the Recommended Agency Ratings system, with finalists judged on the highest client ratings per category. Read full article

rar awards 2018

It doesn’t seem like it was almost 12 months ago since the last RAR Awards finalists were announced.

But here we are again, celebrating the categories we have been shortlisted in! Read full article

TMC Strategic Communications are pleased to announce that they will be part in the next Marketing Masterclass Series in Manchester.

This time the focus is on Content Marketing, with industry leaders from digital and marketing agencies sharing their insight in a series of roundtable sessions. Read full article

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