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Why use video in your marketing?

Peoples attentions spans are short, the modern day internet users will land on a page and move on before ever they have ever read the whole page. A video can make you appear more interesting.

To stand out online you need have something, something that the users will want to engage with, talk about and share!

Video doesn't have to just be online, video cards can be a powerful leave behind. Create something unique to stand out and be remembered by your potential clients.

Video is a way of expressing your companies beliefs, products and staff in 2 minutes, without video it would take pages of words, that would never be read.

Video is a more accessible and digestible format show your products, no matter how big or small they are.

One simple video can completely change your company. Although not made by us this video changed a small start up company to an internationally recognised brand.

There are many reason to use video in your marketing strategy. See our 20 reasons to use video blog for the statistical benefits.

What should your video do?

Quickly Deliver Your Message
Your website visitors see and hear faster than information they read. Because of this, a video is a great way to get your message across in a format visitors will quickly and easily digest.

Be Entertaining
Don’t feel as though you need to limit your video to merely being informative, it can also so be entertaining. After all, that is how viewers will remember it, share it and maybe even make it go viral.

Give Your Company a Personality
You can claim to be a forward thinking fun company that is dedicated to solving its customers’ problems and delivering on their needs but theres only so many times you can say it. A video is the perfect way to express this. Those get to know us profiles or about pages where your employees talk about their cat or golfing hobbies are great, but what better way to accurately present your company, culture and personality than through a custom video of your team in action.

Stand Out from Your Competition
Video is a great way to differentiate yourself from your competition. The simple truth is, not many companies have the vision, the creativity, or the guts to put a living, breathing representation of their company and product/service on their website. Those that do will have a major advantage over their competition. Whatever your industry is, utilizing videos on your website will make you stand out.

Be Remembered
Think about the goals you set out to do when you went about creating your website, video should only in enhance that. Making a unique video is way to be remembered by potential customers.

How we will help you make a video

We operate on a three stage process, for both our live video and animation.

Pre Production
This is the very first stage, and possibly the most important. The key to success is in the planning. Once we're in contact with us we'll set up a call or meeting with you to discuss what you want from your video. We'll then work with you to concept the idea, coming up with themes, styles and locations, also all the logistical stuff. Once we've got the framework of your idea down we'll write the script and the shot list for your video. When your 100% happy with the script and the plan we can move onto production.

This is the main event, lights, camera, action. We'll turn up with all the kit and crew needed. A shoot for example, can take anywhere from half a day to a week depending on what you want us to capture. The shooting process is very different to what you actually see on screen and naturally takes much longer than the duration of the finished production, this is because of filming multiple angles of the same shot to create a more dynamic edit as well as shooting retakes to make sure the best possible performance is captured.

Before the production team arrive at your location there are several things you can do to help the smooth running of the shoot, particularly if it is occurring at your place of business. Let everyone know that a film crew will be arriving so they are not made to feel uncomfortable, when we start setting cameras up. If we're shooting at your place of work make sure that the environment appears as you want your customer to see it. We are happy to assist you with this process and will make the experience enjoyable and engaging for all.

This is the final stage of the process where your video is edited together following the structure decided in Pre Production. We construct a First Draft which involves cutting together the best takes from your shoot into a structured and concise edit which clearly communicates the aims of your video. We then send you this First Draft so you can check it over, make sure your happy with the content and direction it's going. Then we add any voice over, graphics as well as a colour grade, this is then Draft 2, we send this back to you, just to keep you in the loop, so you can make any minor changes if you want to. Once Draft 2 has been viewed and any amendments made the video is mastered into your final product. For more information on the post production process we follow, see our blog that guides you through it.

You'll then have your finished video in any format you want. We'll even help you get it out into the world if you want us to.

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